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Re/Max Ultimate Realty Inc.,
1739 Bayview Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M4G 3C1
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    What Clients Are Saying... 

    Dear Liisa, I’m a little late in giving you my thanks, but thank you I must. You made two families very happy- mine and those of the buyer’s. You were definitely a blessing from the Lord to me! Without your help, your guidance, and infinite patience, I could not have gone through all the rigamarole of selling a house. You are quite a radical contrast to the first agent I had who made my life so stressful and who was working for herself with the least amount of work on her part. According to her, I couldn’t possibly sell the house for over $10,000 less than what you actually got for me. Your idea of putting the little electric air freshener with its flowery fragrance, and the flowers on the counter and the detailed printout on how much one would have to pay monthly for the mortgage after a certain downpayment was a good one and enlightening even to me. Your description of the house made it an appealing prospect to those who read it. I appreciated your weekly phone calls, even though you had to phone long distance, letting me know how many showings, your follow-ups and what you had done and what were the results-all this with no pressure on me. You are one in a million (at least!). I have already given your name to likely future prospects. Thank you again. May God bless you and your family for having helped so much and so successfully. Very sincerely,
    D. C.

    Liisa Arra: Feature in the National Post

    A little bit country in the big city

    Scarborough has 'Muskoka' feel, realtor says Peter Kuitenbrouwer, National Post  Published: Tuesday, February 19, 2008

    Liisa Arra, Re/Max Renowned Properties agent, emerges from her Nissan Pathfinder, clutching her Vuitton handbag, her shoulders wrapped in a flowing brown cape. Walking down the long cobblestone drive, she whisks the lock box off the front door of a new stone home and opens the door to a foyer. In the dining room a bank of bow windows rises to a soaring ceiling. Outside the window, a clump of birch trees fronts a forested hillside; beyond sparkles Lake Ontario. "It's a Muskoka atmosphere right here in the city," says Ms. Arra.

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