Preparing Your Home To Sell

Why do I need to prepare my home to sell?

In today's market, home sellers need to put more effort into making their homes more desirable to buyers. The decision as to what extent you should improve your home before putting it on the market can be a tricky one.

Maybe a renovator will buy my home and I can just skip the repairs...?

You are limiting your market appeal with this type of reasoning. If your home is outdated and in need of repairs, there are some buyers who want to buy a "fixer upper," but will generally offer much less, as they discount both the cost of repairs and the inconvenience from the offered price. Too many major repairs will scare off even these buyers, though, as they are mostly interested in undertaking only light cosmetic repairs.

Where to make improvements to get the most money for your home

An upgrade needs to return the investment in order to be worthwhile. Your best bet is to go with kitchens and baths as they carry the highest return.

We can also help you in making good decisions for cosmetic improvements. By comparing other homes in your neighbourhood, we'll look in detail at the improvements made, along with the corresponding asking or sale prices of these homes. If, for example, most homes have upgraded kitchens, then you should do the same for your home to remain competitive.

This doesn't mean you need to break your wallet with state-of-the-art appliances and tear out the cabinets. Sometimes, a simple coat of paint on the cabinets and new hardware can give your kitchen a sleek new look.

The 10 Must-Checks of Home Repairs before Selling:

  • Patch all holes and cracks in walls and ceilings.
  • Fix all broken appliances and HVAC systems.
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Replace worn carpeting.
  • Repaint dark or scuffed walls with neutral paint (not white).
  • Replace broken windows.
  • Repair the roof.
  • Change out-dated light fixtures / ceiling fans.
  • Replace old linens / window coverings.
  • Fix code violations.

Preparing your home properly to sell is a worthwhile investment that will pay itself off (and more) when you get the price you want!