Hot Tip: Why Your Home Needs Curb Appeal to Sell

While home staging and preparation of interior living space is important in getting top dollar for your home sale, curb appeal, which focuses on the exterior, should not be neglected.

A home with an outdated or shoddy exterior will turn off many prospective buyers. This is frustrating, especially because often a few simple steps will make all the difference.

Depending on time and financial constraints, you may have to be selective about what you decide to upgrade.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ‘wow’ prospective buyers of your home is to install a new front door.

* Consider a durable metal door, constructed to withstand the elements

* For ample light, choose a door with glass inserts

* Paint the door in a bold, contemporary colour, especially if the rest of the exterior is fairly neutral

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Hot Tip: Why Your Home Needs Curb Appeal to Sell