Avoid These 10 Mistakes

1. Don't Rush

Take your time in putting your home up for sale; make sure you have completed all tasks in preparing your home to sell. Compare your home to others for sale in your neighbourhood, then prepare to outshine the competition. 

2. Avoid Colours that are Too Vivid

Your taste in wall colour may not be the same as someone else's. Go neutral. Not dull and boring, but remember that overly splashy, loud colours may turn buyers off, as the individuality of your home makes it difficult for someone to imagine themselves living there.

3. Avoid the Closet Dumping Ground

Free up closet space, instead of dumping your collected clutter into them. Buyers want to see that there is adequate storage space. Too much junk will give the appearance of limited space. Instead, consider putting clutter into temporary storage, or better yet, purge!

4. Don't let the Furniture Dominate

Take out oversized furnishings, as they can easily swallow up space in a room. Smaller furnishings will make the rooms look bigger.

5. Don't let the Dust Build Up

Keep your home clean. Have a regular schedule for cleaning, it makes your home easier to maintain. Your home has to be ready to show on very short notice each day.

6. Avoid the Fuzzies

Clean up pet hair regularly, as it can cause allergic reactions in people.

7. The Dog can Ruin a Potential Sale

Make alternate arrangements for your pets when your home is being shown, as not everyone appreciates animals. Large, barking dogs can very easily turn buyers off.

8. Don't Hide the Problems

Concealing damaged areas should never be done. Older homes, such as the ones in Davisville and Leaside, may be in need of more extensive upgrades. Instead of covering up old or damaged areas, reflect these problems and repair costs in the asking price.

9. Don't Designate Rooms for Storage

Rather than using a bedroom for storage, move storage items into the basement, and dress up the room like the others. This will leave a better impression in the potential buyer's mind.

10. Don't Forget the Small Things

Updated fixtures such as light fixtures, kitchen cabinet hardware, window treatments, and faucets are among the easiest and cheapest upgrades that can go a long way in making your home more appealing and getting you a desirable selling price.