7 Things You Must Know About Home Staging

1. Remember the 10-second Rule

In the first 10 seconds of seeing a home, a prospective buyer will typically be attracted (or not) to it.

2. Don't Make Excuses!

You may say to yourself: Well, yes, the exterior can use a bit of paint and the porch railing moves when one leans on it, but when buyers see the original oak crown moulding and leaded-glass windows, they'll fall in love with it! 

This may be true, but not everyone has a taste for ornate crown moulding or antique-style windows. Further, that neglected exterior paint job and repair of the porch railing could make you lose out on selling your house for a favourable price, in the time frame that you want.

3. Appeal to the Masses

When you are staging your home, think in terms of appealing to the greatest number of people. This means making your home attractive as a whole, so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there.

4. Begin with Cleaning and De-cluttering

Clear up your junk! Store it away or toss what you have been hanging onto for years. Every little thing you can do to open up valuable space will pay off. Clean your kitchen and bathrooms, dust, vacuum. This will reassure buyers that their potential future home has been taken good care of.

You may also consider storing away older, more dated furniture and replacing it temporarily with updated, more attractive pieces. Furniture rental services are available.

5. A Little bit of Work Brings a High Return

Repairs and Painting:Investing in a coat of paint for the interior or the exterior of your home can add thousands of dollars to your selling price; you will very likely make back more than what you initially spent.

It goes the other way too: Some "minor" defects, no matter how small, can cost you when it comes time for the buyer to make an offer. Numerous jobs added up will become amplified in the buyer's mind, which will bring you a low offer at best, and perhaps turn them off altogether at worst.

6. Aim for the Model Home Look

This is the most effective way to impress buyers. The look is polished and stylish, but not overly personal; tuck away family photographs and trophies to help people to envision the home as their own. Tasteful colours combined with modern, updated pieces such as mirrors and vases can add just the right touch that will resonate with buyers.

7. Contact Us - we're Here for You!

Because we recognize the importance of home staging to help your home sell faster and for more, We are offering this as a service to you.

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